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Unum Digital Brand Accessibility Guide

Posted on December 07, 2015 by Bella Wenum

So you’re building a Unum product for the Web

Unum’s current color palette can present difficulty when designing to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA standards. The UX team created a Digital Brand Accessibility Guide that meets level AA standards when used properly. 

What’s in the guide?

In the guide, there is a primary palette, a secondary palette, and a palette for grays and whites. Most of the color combinations require a minimum font size of 18px or 14px bold to pass. There are also examples of how to use the palette. There are several helpful tools included such as code checkers and validators, color contrast checkers, and WCAG checklists.

Beyond the guide

You may have to make design decisions beyond the scope of this guide so it is important to always test your designs. Don’t rely solely on the tools provided – make sure you look at the code yourself. It is your responsibility to ensure that your product meets WCAG level AA standards.