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THIS JUST IN! What front-end developers are saying about the current offerings in the field

Posted on November 04, 2016 by Bolling Ball

Recently, the State of JavaScript released their report for 2016 ( and the results may surprise you. We dove into the details of a few sections and provide a summary of our findings below.

The State of JavaScript polled hundreds of developers to determine what products they had heard of, had used before and whether they were interested to learn more or continue to use those products. Take a look at the chart below for Front-end Frameworks:

Our two main takeaways:

1. Angular 2 is already beating its sibling in the polls. While more people are currently using Angular, a higher number of people said they would not use it again. Angular 2 also beats out the competition by showing the most interest to learn more about it.

2. The overall winner in this poll goes to React. Right now, the majority of front end developers have used it and can’t wait to use it again.

Next, the team at State of JavaScript, took a look at how likely those front-end developers are to pair another technology with their favorite framework from the first poll.

From the looks of it, if you want to jump on the React bandwagon, be sure to take Webpack (a module bundler), Redux (a new concept being called a JavaScript State Container) and ES6 (new JavaScript syntax) along with you.

Lastly, I think the question on everyone’s mind is, with such a large number of choices in our field, do people actually enjoy their current front-end solution or are they always searching for another? Results below show us that there is an average happiness rating of 3.78 out of 5. Even with all of the new options available that people show a strong interest in learning, the majority are happy with their current way of doing things.

Honorable Mentions

One last parting thought is to keep an eye out for Vue. Throughout the charts it seems to be the quiet but strong force and will probably be seen more often in the months to come.