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Using Google Analytics to Improve User Experience across all Browsers

Posted on February 02, 2016 by Sara Kennedy

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool, with a wide range of reports out of the box.  Many of these reports can be used to deliver actionable information to almost every area of the business, but one of these reports in particular can really help developers as they try to deliver the best experience across all the major browsers.

Audience > Technology > Browser & OS

As with all of the information in the Audience section, the Browser & OS report helps to understand the Who of the Five Ws, by grouping visitors by browser.  The report defaults to Browser, but can be drilled down into Browser Version, Operating System, Screen Resolution, etc… many different dimensions about the browsers of the users.  Although we all want a site to look 100%  perfect in every browser, if 90% of the users are visiting on Internet Explorer, we can dedicate additional testing or development resources to match the needs of the users.

Audience Reports + Goals + Segments = Actionable Data

Combining this browser information with other features in Google Analytics such as Goals and Segments helps even further, and really makes the data actionable and specific to business needs.  As seen in the example below, when we compare the goal conversion rate of Safari (in-app)( 4.62%) browser to our site average (31.13%), the level of discrepancy may indicate an issue and would be worth investigating.

Also, when trying to develop a positive user experience, Google Analytics’ Segments serve as one more tool in understanding our audience.  At a high level, we can quickly find out the most popular browser, but when we apply custom segments to our data, our users may look different.  For example below, the default All Sessions Segment, reports Safari as only making up 1.2% of the total, but in developing something new for a specific audience, it would be worth looking at the segmented data which shows Safari as almost 20%.


The Google Analytics Solution Gallery provides some great examples of incorporating Browser and OS data into your reports.