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Posts written by members of the Unum UX team

Test Early and Often

November 09, 2016 by Mark Stanton

Testing your product with real people offers some of the best feedback available to you when creating a website or application.

Clear, Consistent, & Concise: The Magic Words of UX

November 04, 2016 by Bella Wenum

There are lots of things to consider in UX, but three words stick out to me in particular as the “magic words” of UX. These words are clear, consistent, and concise. 

What's Next? Getting Started After Research

September 01, 2016 by Bella Wenum

You know what problem you’re solving, you have your business objectives, technical requirements, and you’ve organized user feedback from conversations with users about their expectations; now you’re ready to start planning for the UI. What's next?

Inspiration for Information Architects

August 11, 2016 by Shawn Scott

One of the most important responsibilities of an Information Architect is to solve problems creatively. Inspiration for problem solving comes to each of us in a unique way; at different times, from different places, and in different forms.

User Friendly Forms

August 11, 2016 by Bella Wenum

Forms are one of the most important things on the Web, but sometimes they don’t get the attention or effort that they need to make them a great experience. Follow these basic guidelines to address common design obstacles and put your forms on the path to success.

Wireframing Do's and Don'ts: A General Guide

June 02, 2016 by Bella Wenum

Wireframes are the blueprints of websites or web apps, meant to focus on necessities such as information architecture, usability, interactions, and user behavior. Wireframes are a critical step in the process of designing a product that is both usable and user friendly.

Organizing User Feedback

May 27, 2016 by RJ Sherman

But there is so much information. You are overwhelmed. 

Organizing raw information into defined sets is one of the key components to being an Information Architect. However, you are an expert in another field.  How do you bridge that gap?

Why You Do What You Did

May 27, 2016 by RJ Sherman

“How do you know that?”  It’s a question that is both confrontational and asked with good intentions.  In our evolving world of user centered development, the expectation has shifted from “We think that users…” to “We know that users…”

Above or Below the Fold: The Great Debate!

May 04, 2016 by Cale Benner

“The Fold” Definition: A theoretical horizontal line, below which the content of a web page is not visible without scrolling. This debate is almost as old as the internet.

Key Performance Indicators

March 16, 2016 by RJ Sherman

Congratulations – your project has gone to production. Those months of meetings, development, and testing have led to this day. You can move on to other things now.


Not so fast. 

The ROI of Information Architecture

March 03, 2016 by Bella Wenum

Effective information architecture provides a solid, well-thought out plan based on user research and user testing to validate decisions before any time, money, and resources are invested in design and development. 

Persona Development

November 24, 2015 by RJ Sherman

Did you take the time to hear what the user actually wanted before building what you thought would be the next big thing?